Electric Conversion Motor Mount Drawing for the Polaris RZR - Free Download

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As requested I am providing the drawings for both the motor mount & speed controller mount that I designed for my 2012 Polaris RZR XP 900 electric conversion. I used Oshcut.com to build the plates.

If you use my design consider giving me a tip. Otherwise if you need support I can provid it with a pay per hour type fee.

DXF drawings FREE download

- 2012 Polaris RZR XP 900 ... other models ??? unknown
- electric motors: ME1507/ME1905/Zero 75 series
- controllers: Sevcon Gen4 Size6 (or Size4) which I have for sale, see link below
- contactor pre-drilled holes for the TE KILOVAC LEV200 series

Build notes:
- this Polaris 0453557 tensioner is needed to hold the motor in place
- angle iron to attach tensioner to is not included
- be sure everything is square before welding. the guide tabs are there to help hold it in place. I suggest bolting it onto the transmission for welding.
- material: 1/4" steel A36 / A1011 HR P&O

Pulley to connect motor to transmission notes:
- shaft distance between motor and transmission should be about 220mm / 8.66in, good to know if you want to calculate your own belt size
- DO NOT use chain to connect the motor to the transmission, it will be very loud and will overheat from the tension stress
- I DO NOT recommend the HTD (Supercharger/Harley Davidson) timing type belt, it makes a high pitched whine.
- I used the W-45S-SDS SilentSync Sprocket for both the motor and transmission. I was able to find them cheaper used on eBay
- Bushing Series SDS is needed for your bore sizes on the shafts of the motor and transmission
- I used the CONTINENTAL W - Timing Belt size W-800, 100 teeth
- I used a 1:1 ratio pulley with a minimum of 4" in diameter to have enough belt surface to support the power, even then it may slip and either a larger pulley or an idle wheel may bee needed to increase belt to pulley surface.