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Hello my name is Patrick and I live in Zimmerman, Minnesota USA. I started BASTENS in 2008 to provide unique high quality items I have invented to you. Through my forward-looking vision, engineering expertise, and creativity I have turned my day to day family inspired inventions into a family business.

Thanks to orders from people like you, BASTENS has business reached 26,000+ orders and counting as of 2021 !
   family business  family business  family business

I pride myself on my 15+ years of experience selling online. I have been a part of e-commerce since the beginning of the dot com boom. I have sold my inventions using e-commerce platforms like Amazon (including Amazon.ca, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.es) along with Walmart, eBay, Newegg, Sears, Buy, Rakuten, and the list goes on.

I got my start in 2002 co-founding Gomadic Corp. Gomadic was a creative outlet for ideas like the ComCube and TipExchange. My inventions and custom made e-commerce product management software gave Gomadic the competitive edge on the third party seller websites that mentioned previously. Gomadic was a multi-million dollar international success but after 13 unbelievable years I sold my ownership of Gomadic in Dec 2014. I decided to dedicate more of time to my family ... but I couldn't stop inventing which brings me to today with BASTENS LLC.

What do my customers say about BASTENS inventions? For example in 2016 on Amazon 203 customers took the time to leave me customer service feedback using Amazon's impartial third party feedback system. I am happy to report *ALL* reviews left in were ★★★★★ (5/5) Star ratings! 
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Patrick Basten


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