A15QS600-4 600 Amp 150VDC / VAC fuse Semiconductor Mersen Ferraz Shawmut great for Netgain Hyper9 EV conversion

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This is NEW old stock. This fuse is perfect for a Netgain Hyper9 EV conversion build.


A15QS Amp-Trap® Form 101 high speed fuses were designed for the specific protection of diodes and other semiconductor devices rated 150VAC/DC. The A15QS product line’s compact design is perfect for those applications that have limitations on available space.

  • Low I²t minimizes damage to protected components on short circuit *Controlled arc voltage reduces stress to circuit components during fuse clearing
  • Choice of mounting types provides options for unique termination requirements


  • 1000 Amps, 150 Volts AC / DC
  • Semiconductor Fuse
  • Fast Acting
  • Current Limiting
  • Equivalent to Buss FWA Style
  • Physical Size: 1.50" x 3.50"
  • AC Voltage Rating: 150
  • DC Voltage Rating: 150
  • AC Interrupting Rating: 100,000 AIC
  • DC Interrupting Rating: 100,000 AIC
  • Designed for the Protection of Diodes and Other Semiconductor Devices
  • Protection of Heavy Duty Devices Such as Electrochemical Rectifiers
  • UL Recognized Component
  • AC: UL Guide No. JFHR2 (1-4000A)
  • DC Tested to UL Standard 198L parameters (1-4000A)