Bastens QuadSteer 4 wheel steering control module works with either 2Ch or 3Ch transmitters

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    • includes two servo cable leads and ready to run ... plug and play!!
    • accepts receiver servo voltage ranging from 4.0V to 13.0V. This computer module is self calibrating and remembers the last setting for convenience on your next power up. no adjusting needed because complex code inside the controller does all the thinking for you. just plug in and play.
    • what is wheel wiggle? using a stock 2Ch remote if you leave the wheel center for 2 seconds then steer left / right / left / right within 4 seconds the mode will switch. this prevents accidental switches during normal driving ... modes: front steer only / four wheel steer / rear steer only / crab walk ... compatible with all classes of competitions
    • if you have a simple two position toggle from a 3rd channel then with a flip of the switch the controller will cycle to the next mode. if you toggle while turning it will freeze either the front or rear wheel turn position giving you control of the other set for advanced steering ... a must see in our youtube 'Bastens Quadsteer' video

    Take your crawler to the next level of 4 wheel steering without high dollar transmitter upgrades. We offer the common four modes of four wheel steer; standard front only steer; crab walk steer and lastly rear only steer. Using this controller you can keep your standard 2 channel remote and still have 4 wheel steering. A simple 'wheel wiggle' changes the modes for advanced crawling or scaler fun. If you have a simple 3rd Channel toggle switch which is common on the Traxxas TQ product line or the FlySky 3Ch transmitters you can change the mode with a flip of a switch. Not any other extra channel type will do such as dials or 3 position switches. Experience our innovative wheel freeze functionality. For example, if you flip the switch while the rear wheel is half turned then when you flip to front steer the rear wheel will freeze at a half turn ... sounds funny but once you try it while getting out of a rock and a hard place you will wonder how you lived without it!

    Quadsteer Instructions (download pdf)