USED GOOD CONDITION - Roomba Integrated Home Base Charger 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 Series 220v 240v 4415878 870 880 861 980

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  • This home base is the "integrated" model, i.e.,The charger has all the pieces integrated into the base resulting in less clutter and a heavier base.
  • it comes with a north american cord and plug. it‘s just the cor connecting the dock and outlet, the ac adapter is built in the unit.
  • The integrated home base comes with a energy saving feature, the light on the home base would come on for 5 seconds once the unit has docked and shut completely after.
  • it works for 500-900 models,Input 100-240V -50/60Hz 0.68A,When Roomba is not charging, light flashes green. When Roomba is attached and fully charged, green light stays on.
  • if your Roomba is not charging on the base,you can try to clean the metal tabs on the Roomba and dock station. Need wire brush or steel wool, then a dab of alcohol to wipe clean.