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Opteka camer lens slide copier adapter for either 72mm 52mm rings with SonyHD50 adapter

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  • High Definition close-up optics allow you to transfer slides into digital cameras easily with no loss in quality, and it will actually enhance your pictures!
  • Very easy to attach and use, Attaches to both 67MM and 52MM lenses, Works with model listed in the title
  • High Definition - 2 times the resolution of standard high definition copiers
  • Digital multi-coating greatly reduces the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections

The Opteka High Definition Digital Duplicator screws into the filter thread of the lens adapter or existing lens. This means it can be connected to almost all digital cameras. The built-in high definition close-up optics allow you to transfer slides into digital cameras easily with no lose in quality. You will actually enhance you pictures!

Tips for Better Copying:
The best results are obtained with well exposed, low to medium contrast slides.
The opal diffuser at the end of the Digital Duplicator helps to provide even illumination.
Filter effects can be added by placing suitable filters between the camera and the duplicator.
Create more drama in video presentations by using the zoom lens to home-in on the centre of a slide and so creating a sense of motion.
If you wish to add sound to your photo presentation, follow the manufacturers instructions for use of the Audio Dub feature.
When copying with an SLR camera, use an 80mm ~120mm zoom lens and set the diaphragm at F11 or smaller for sharper pictures.