Gen 1 Mobile Connector Bundle for the Tesla Model S 3 X - UMC capable of 40 Amps

Regular price $500.00

I am reluctantly selling my extra charger that was never used. I bought an extra one a couple years ago and never used it so it is time to put it to use. This version of charger is no longer offered and was replaced by the Gen 2, which turns out is slower but cheaper. This Gen 1 will charge at 40 Amps where the Gen 2 is restricted to 32 Amps. I think Tesla wanted to offer a cheaper option so you would think that Gen 2 would be better but not in this case.

This Gen 1 charger is more like the currently offered "Corded Mobile Connector" that is sold for $520. The difference being that this Gen 1 charger has interchangeable plug ends, the plug ends are still sold on Tesla's website. I see online that others have confirmed that this charger will charge a Model 3 at 40 Amps with the included 14-50 plug adapter.