2in1 mini pocket sized lighted car charger kit includes double USB power ports 2.4 Amp 12W with USB charge cable designed for the Sony NWZ-E344

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  • What is included? one (1) double USB power port car charger & one (1) USB charge cable specifically designed for the Sony NWZ-E344
  • No more fighting with who gets to charge first. Dual USB power ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time.
  • Input: 12-24VDC / Output: 2.4A at 5V (12 Watts) / USB cable length: 96 cm (38 inches) ... not too short yet not to long
  • Just the right size ... any smaller and you would be able to remove it from the charge port and any bigger would be too cumbersome
  • This is as fast as it gets! Most smartphones and tables don't support more than 2 Amps making this the quickest charger you can buy on the market.

Save time and charge your Sony NWZ-E344 with speed. This rapid car charger is small enough to fit in your pocket and a great suit case companion. This is the lightest and most convenient way to charger your Sony NWZ-E344 via the car. Having two USB ports this means you can add your own cable to charge another device.

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