Arduino CAN bus send/receive computer adapter board

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This is a custom item that I designed for my EV conversion projects. I needed a way to receive and send CAN bus commands and display information on a daylight readable display. I also designed on button for user interface. One button can do a lot, long or short press can be detected. I use it to change to different display views.

Note that the power comes from the USB cable. CAN bus terminals are on the MCP2515 module.

Here is the schematic of board

Here is the example code Arduino example code ZIP file

From the info above you can modify the code to accommodate your own setup. Otherwise I have a few boards left from my first batch run and I will include 3D printed standoffs ... OR ... if soldering is not your thing I will source all the sub-components, assemble it and upload the example code for you.

kit includes:
* circuit board
* stand offs
* Arduino Nano with USB cord
* green 20x4 character 2004 LCD with serial I2c adapter module
* MCP2515 CAN bus module