open end toy train track rail drawbridge bridge round house table compatible with LEGO Trixbrix

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  • are you looking to build a turntable round house or draw bridge? Now you can with this track!
  • contains 4 pieces of open ended 2 stud size train track rail. this product is custom made using the latest in 3D printing technology.
  • some sides will have a matte texture compared to an OEM finish. this is because this is a custom made track. please refer to attached pictures for additional information
  • track length is 2 studs long
  • hard to find part that is not sold in stores or online other than by BASTENS - proudly made and designed in the USA by BASTENS

With this custom piece invented by BASTENS you can finally get there. This piece has a hinge point to allow you to build an incline to reach that next level. We have instructions available on how to build an incline to get you started.

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