NEW Right Door Seal - German Made - 1967-1977 Beetle - Super Beetle

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I bought this for a project that I ended up abandoning. It is looking for a new home!

  • The Best Door Seal Available, Period.
  • Made in Germany by the OEM Manufacturer
  • Fits the Passenger Side
  • Backed by JBugs Lifetime Warranty
  • These are the Seals We Use on our Own Restorations

Please Note: *The OEM German door seals are the highest quality rubber seals available. These seals are actually black, but will appear gray-ish when brand new. This is due to the new seals being covered in talcum powder to prevent them from sticking to the mold when in production.

Installation Tip: Insert the 3 corners of the seal in the door to start the installation and work your way to the center of the 3 sections. Otherwise, the seal will seem to be about 6 inches too long.

Click the link below to view the driver's side door seal to match.


If you are on a budget, we offer a cheaper, Brazilian versions of this door seal and the driver's side as well

What's the Difference Between the German and the Brazilian Door Seals?


  • The German door seals are backed by our lifetime rubber warranty
  • The German door seals use a better rubber compound.
  • The German door seals are made by the OEM manufacturer, in Germany, and they use a dense, solid, sponge rubber.
  • The German door seals are thicker and they take longer to install, but you get a better seal against the body of the vehicle.
  • The German rubber is going to last longer
  • The Brazilian rubber dries out and cracks over time and the German rubber does not
  • The Brazilian door seals are cheaper because they are cheaper