Smart BMS 24S 72V 500A for Lithium Lifepo4 with LCD Screen Monitor / Bluetooth App / CAN / 485

Sale price $290.00 Regular price $450.00

I purchased this for a project but abandoned the project. I only have one and it is new. here is a link to the manufacture website I purchased this from

This BMS is for smart lifepo4 24s bms 72v 500a battery pack.

Included (I paid a total of $455 with shipping for these items):
* BMS module with fan (original price was $347.68 +shipping)
* touch screen (original price was $30.48 +shipping)
* Bluetooth module for android app connection (original price was $4.32 +shipping)

◆ UART: It is HEYO normal product.UART is Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter, It transforms the data to be transmitted between serial communication and parallel communication. As a chip to convert parallel input signals into serial output signals, UART is usually integrated into other communication interfaces.
◆ RS485: Please choose the model RS485 of HEYO. RS-485 adopts balanced transmission and differential reception, so it has the ability to suppress common mode interference.
◆CAN box : make all data transmitted faster and more complete with your host computer