Elcon 1.8kw charger programmed for 24 cell 72V Lifepo4 HK-H-H99-25

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I purchased this for a project that I ended up going with a 32 cell configuration. I use it only a couple times. It is in Like New condition.

This is setup to use an enable switch. You can chose to leave it on so it will charger a soon as it is plugged in OR you can use the enable switch. These can be reprogrammed by Elcon for a fee if you want to use it in a different configuration. https://www.elconchargers.com/catalog/item/9034090/10295151.htm

Note that this charger is a 1.8kw when plugged into 220v and is 900w when plugged into 110v. This is very convenience in that it can be used on both 110 for common house hold outlets but also compatible with 220v for faster charging.