mobile charger wall holder for the TESLA Model S 3 X Y mobile connector relieves wall plug stress

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  • includes one plastic mobile holder and 2 screws
  • the mobile charger S3XY holder simply slides in the holder making for less stress on the plug
  • screw holes are inset and designed for a standard drywall screws
  • plastic used to make this item is of PLA type which is a biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources such as corn starch
  • this is a custom item that is made to order using 3D printing technology make in our shop in the USA

This is a custom built item that takes about 3 hours total to print on our 3D printer. Essentially you are hiring us to print this item. The cost is set by how long it takes to print. At this time there there isn't an effective way to build this cheaper using a 3D printers. The way to get the cost down would be by using more traditional methods such as injection molding but we have no interest in doing so. Maybe someone else will offer this cheaper in the future; until then we will print one for you. This item was custom designed and made by BASTENS here in the USA !

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